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Peredur is the name of several figures in Welsh mythology from which the name Percival may have been based upon. The name possibly means "hard spear".  Nicknames: Perry Origin: Proto-Indo-European  

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Calder comes from an English and Scottish surname though with two very different origins. The first is that it comes from a place name in Cumbria, deriving its name from a nearby river, possibly made up of Welsh caled (hard) and dwfr (water, stream) both derived from a PIE source, so the name essentially means "hard water"… Continue reading Calder

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Calla is the name of a genus of flowers and is a common name for the calla lily which belongs to the genus Zantedeschia. Calla comes from Ancient Greek kalós (beauty, beautiful, good) which comes from Proto-Indo-European kal-wo-s, a form of *kal- (beautiful). Calla is also a Latin word, the plural form of callum meaning "hard skin". Calla is also an Italian surname, a… Continue reading Calla

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Percy is a short form of Percival, first created by French poet Chrétien de Troyes for his poem Perceval, the story of the Grail in the 12th century. It's likely the name was based on Welsh Peredur meaning “hard spear” though the spelling of the name was altered to resemble Old French percer val “to pierce the valley”. Percival is one of the… Continue reading Percy

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Caledon seems to be a shortened form of Caledonia, the old Latin name for Scotland in the northern part of Britain. Apparently the name is derived from a Pictish tribe in northern Scotland called the Caledonii which could be related to Proto-Celtic word *kaletos- meaning "hard/hardy, tough" from Proto-Indo-European *kal- (hard), perhaps in reference to the rocky land… Continue reading Caledon