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Delia is a female given name, derived from Greek Delos meaning "of Delos", referring to someone who came from the island of Delos. It's the name of an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis who was born there. The name comes from Ancient Greek delos meaning "visible, clear; conspicuous; manifest" derived from PIE root word *dyew- (to be bright; sky, heaven).… Continue reading Delia

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Elam is a Hebrew male name either meaning "hidden" or "eternity, forever"; Elam also means "young (unmarried) man". Elam is also the name of an ancient civilization in what is now southwest Iran. The name itself comes from the Sumerian transliteration of elama or from Elamite haltamti which I've seen meaning "lord country", or perhaps from… Continue reading Elam

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Tai is a Chinese unisex name (as well as a surname also spelled Dai) with a variety of meanings depending on the characters used: tài 太 "very, extreme; excessive; big; highest; elder"; tài 泰 "extreme; greatest; safe, peaceful; big, large; good, excellent;", also used as shortened form of Thailand; Tai can also be used as part of a compound name,… Continue reading Tai

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Horus was an important god in Egyptian mythology, the god of the sun, light, sky, law and war, as well as hunting. Seen as the personal god of the reigning monarch at the time, Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis, conceived after his father's murder at the hands of his uncle Set (also spelled Seth), and who… Continue reading Horus

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Brigid is the name of a goddess in Irish mythology, the goddess of fire, poetry, healing, and fertility, among a few other things. I've seen it listed as meaning "exalted one" from Proto-Celtic *briganti (high, elevated; exalted) derived from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Brighid (Irish) Bridget (Irish, English) Bridgette (English) Brigit (Irish) Bríd… Continue reading Brigid

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Rami is an Arabic male name and surname meaning "archer, thrower" which comes from Arabic ramy رَمْي (throwing, flinging shooting); or it could be derived from ram (رام) meaning "to aspire,  to wish, to aim at, to dream, to be ambitious". However, ram (رام) is also a Persian word meaning "tame, meek, docile". Rami is also from Hebrew Ram (רָם)… Continue reading Rami

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Terra is the Latin word for "earth, soil; dry land" and in Roman mythology Terra is the name of a goddess of earth which derives from a PIE root word *ters- (dry), and is also a word in Italian, Galician and Catalan derived from Latin. It's also possible that Terra is a variant spelling of Tara, (which… Continue reading Terra

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Longwei is a Chinese male name meaning "dragon greatness" or "great dragon" (龙威), though it has other possible meanings: long 龍 "dragon; imperial"; wei: wei 威 "power, might, prestige, pomp"; wei 巍 "lofty, towering, high"; wei 伟 "great, big, large"; Weilong is a variant of the name, with the characters mixed up. Origin: Chinese Variants: Long Wei Long-Wei Weilong Wei-long  

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Kendall comes from an English surname, a locational name with two possible origins. The first is that it comes from the name of a town in Cumbria, England, originally recorded as Kirkby Kendal meaning "church by the valley of the River Kent", made up of Old Norse kelda (spring, well) and dalr (valley). It could also be an… Continue reading Kendall

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Avi is a Hebrew male name meaning "father" and could also be used as a nickname for Avraham (the Hebrew form of Abraham meaning "father of many" or "father of multitudes") or Avram or Aviram (meaning "high father") or any name meaning with Avi. Of course, Avi could also be a short form for female names such as Aviva, Avila or Avis, making it a… Continue reading Avi