Keren is a Hebrew female name meaning "horn" or "ray of light". Keren is also the name of a city in Eritrea, Africa. Origin: Hebrew  

Calyx, Calix

Calyx comes from Latin meaning "bud; husk, pod, outer covering; eggshell; shells of fruit" which comes from Ancient Greek kálux via kalupto (to cover, conceal) which may possibly be derived from PIE root *kel- (to cover). In botany, it refers to the outermost group of floral parts, the sepals, while in zoology it refers to any of various cup-like …


Courtney is an English unisex name originally derived from an English surname derived from a French place called Courtenay, which comes from Curtenus, a Latin name meaning "short" from Latin curtus (short) derived from a PIE root word. It may also have arisen as a nickname for someone with a short nose or someone who was short in stature. As …


Calista could be the variant form of Callisto, an Ancient Greek female name meaning "most beautiful" derived from Ancient Greek kalós (beauty, beautiful, good) which comes from a Proto-Indo-European source kal-wo-s, a form of *kal- (beautiful). In Greek mythology Callisto was a nymph and a follower of the goddess Artemis who was seduced by Zeus and ended up bearing him a son, Arcas. Callisto was …


Tekoa is a male Hebrew name possibly meaning "stockade" or "horn, trumpet". Origin: Hebrew