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Keren is a Hebrew female name meaning "horn" or "ray of light". Keren is also the name of a city in Eritrea, Africa. Origin: Hebrew  

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Cornelius is an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain etymology though often associated with Latin cornu meaning “horn” which ultimately derives from PIE root word *ḱerh₂- (horn; head, top) though it’s also possible that it derives from root *ḱer- (to grow, to nourish). Cornelius is also a surname originating from the given name. Nicknames: Corey, Neal/Neil Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants:… Continue reading Cornelius

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Cornelia is the feminine form of Cornelius, an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain etymology though often associated with Latin cornu meaning "horn" which ultimately derives from PIE root word *ḱerh₂- (horn; head, top) though it's also possible that it derives from root *ḱer- (to grow, to nourish). Nicknames: Nell, Nelly, Nelia, Lia Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Kornelia (German,… Continue reading Cornelia

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Jubal is a Hebrew male name meaning "stream" though it could also be related to a word meaning "ram" or "ram's horn trumpet". In the Old Testament, Jubal was a descendant of Cain and the first person to be a musician. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Yuval (Hebrew) Ioubal (Biblical Greek)   Female forms: Yuval (Hebrew)  

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Niles comes from an English surname, a patronymic surname meaning "son of Neil", derived from the given name Neil which is the anglicized form of Gaelic Niall, a name of uncertain etymology though possibly meaning "champion" or "cloud". Niles could also be a variant of Neils, a German surname which is a reduced form of given name Cornelius, an Ancient… Continue reading Niles

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Corey is an English unisex name of uncertain origin and meaning which comes from Old Norse Kóri, a name of unknown meaning. It could be derived from Old Irish cuire meaning "throng, multitude; company, troop" which ultimately derives from a PIE source; or from Scottish Gaelic coire meaning "kettle; cauldron". Corey could also be used as a nickname… Continue reading Corey

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Kai is a name with various origins and meanings: it's a Hawaiian unisex name meaning "sea"; it's also a Japanese name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used, such as: (海) "sea, ocean"; (貝) "shellfish"; (快) "cheerful, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable"; (戒) "commandment", and other various meanings; as well as also being a compound of… Continue reading Kai

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Ginger is name of a flower and spice which comes from Old English gingifer (influenced by Old French gingembre) derived from Latin zingiberi from Ancient Greek zingíberis from Prakrit (Middle Indic) singabera derived from Sanskrit srngaveram meaning "horn body" from srngram (horn) and vera (body), though it may also be derived from an Old Tamil word inchi-ver meaning "ginger root"; it may also be a nickname for Virginia, the feminine form of an Ancient… Continue reading Ginger

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Capricorn comes from Latin Capricornus meaning "horned goat" or "having horns like a goat" from Latin capra (goat) and cornu (horn), the name originally referring to a mythical hybrid of a goat fish, a half-goat, half-fish creature with its top half that of a goat and its lower half of a fish. It's the name of a both a constellation and… Continue reading Capricorn