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Pauline is a French feminine form of Paul which comes from a Roman family name, Paulinus, meaning "small" or "humble" from Latin paulus (little, small) which derives from a PIE root word, *peh₂w- (few, little). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Paulene (English) Pauleen (English) Paulina (Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Lithuanian, English, Ancient Roman) Pavlina (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek) Polina (Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Greek) Polya… Continue reading Pauline

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Shinji is a Japanese male name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used such as: shin 真 "true; reality; genuine" + ji 二 "two"; shin 信 "truth; trust; faith" + ji 二 "two"; shin 信 "truth; trust; faith" + ji 治 "reign; govern; administrate; regulate" ( 信治); shin 真 "true; reality; genuine" + ji 治 "reign; govern; administrate; regulate" (真治); shin 伸 "lengthen; increase; expand" + ji 志 "purpose; will; resolve; determination" (伸志); shin 伸 "lengthen;… Continue reading Shinji

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Paul is from Roman family name Paulus meaning "small" or "humble" in Latin. It's also a surname as well. A nickname for Paul is Paulie/Pauley. Origin: Latin Variants: Paulus (Latin) Bulus (Arabic) Boulos (Arabic) Paulo (Portuguese, Galician) Pablo (Spanish) Pavlo (Ukrainian) Pavlos (Greek) Paulu (Corsican) Pavel (Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovene, Macedonian) Paol (Breton) Paavali (Finnish) Pauli (Finnish)… Continue reading Paul