Jameson comes from an English surname, a patronymic name meaning “son of James”, James being the English form of Late Latin Iacomus via Greek Iakobos, which comes from the Hebrew name Ya’aqov (English form Jacob) meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”. Nicknames: James, Jamie/Jaime Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European Variants: Jamison (English)  


Juniper is the name of a type of tree or shrub which comes from Latin iuniperus meaning “juniper tree”. It could be related to Latin iuncus (reed, rush) derived from PIE root *yoy-ni- (juniper berry), combined with *-paro, *-pareo (to produce), though it’s also possible that first element of the name could be derived from Latin iuvenis meaning “young” (from which the…


Judson comes from an English surname, a patronymic name meaning “son of Judd”, Judd being the Medieval English form of Jordan, the name of a country in the Middle East named after the river that runs between it and Israel. The name comes from Hebrew yarden meaning “to go down, descend” or “flow down”. It was a popular name in the…


Jabari is a Swahili male name meaning “brave (one)” which derives from Arabic jabbar جَبَّار (powerful, mighty). I’ve also seen it listed as meaning a variant of Jabir جابر meaning “comforter; to rest with kindness, be nice” but I don’t know accurate that is. Origin: Arabic Variants: Jabbar (Arabic) Jabir (Arabic)  


Jinan is an Arabic unisex name meaning “garden” or “paradise”, the plural form of janna(h) (garden; paradise, heaven). Jinan is also the name of the capital of Shandong, a coastal province in the Eastern part of China. It means “south of the Ji (waters), a city known for its 72 artesian springs and eventually converging onto Daming Lake….


Jociel seems to be a Spanish male name but one I can find very little information about. If I had to guess (and I am guessing) it could be related to Jocelyn, which originated from the name of a Germanic tribe called the Gauts, also known as the Gautzelin, meaning “little Goth” made up from Gaut (Goth) and a…


Joram is a Hebrew male name, the contracted form of Jehoram meaning “exalted by Yahweh” or “Yahweh is exalted”. Nicknames: Jory, Ram Origin: Hebrew Variants: Jehoram (Hebrew) Yehoram (Hebrew) Yoram (Hebrew) Ioram (Biblical Latin & Greek)  


Jonas is a Lithuanian male name, the Lithuanian form of John which comes from Hebrew Yochanan meaning “Yahweh is gracious”. Jonas is also the Greek form of Jonah meaning “dove” from Hebrew yona(h). Jonas is also a surname. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Jonah (English) Yonah (Hebrew) Yunus (Arabic, Turkish) Ionas (Biblical Greek & Latin) Iona (Russian, Georgian, Biblical Latin) Jonáš (Czech,…


Jacoby comes from an English surname, a variant spelling of Jacobi, a Jewish, Dutch, and North German surname which comes from the given name Jacob meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”. Nicknames: Jac/Jack, Coby, Jake Origin: Hebrew Variants: Jacobi (English) Jacobie (English) Jacobee (English)