Wulandari is an Indonesian and Javanese female name made up of Javanese wulan (moon; month) and Indonesian dari (from, of), so the name essentially means "of the moon" or "from the moon", perhaps in reference to the beauty of the moon. Origin: Javanese Variants: Wulan (Javanese, Indonesian) Bulandari (Indonesian Bulan (Indonesian)      


Megawati is an Indonesian female name meaning "cloud woman" made up from mega (cloud) which comes from Sanskrit megha (cloud) and wati (woman). Origin: Sanskrit      


Dara is a given name with a variety of meanings and origins: Dara is a male name in Irish which comes from dair meaning "oak" which comes from Proto-Celtic *daru deriving from a PIE root word. Dara is also an anglicized form of Dáire meaning "fruitful, fertile" and is the name of several figures in Irish mythology; it's also a …