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Juniper is the name of a type of tree or shrub which comes from Latin iuniperus meaning "juniper tree". It could be related to Latin iuncus (reed, rush) derived from PIE root *yoy-ni- (juniper berry), combined with *-paro, *-pareo (to produce), though it's also possible that first element of the name could be derived from Latin iuvenis meaning "young" (from which the… Continue reading Juniper

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Genever is a variant spelling of Jenever, the Dutch form of Juniper, referring to a shrub or tree with dark-blue berry-like cones that can be used for flavoring gin and has some medicinal use; Jenever is the name of a Dutch wine flavored with juniper. It comes from Latin iuniperus (juniper tree), of uncertain origin though it's been linked to Latin iuncus (rush,… Continue reading Genever

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Kade is a variant spelling of Cade, an English occupational surname for a cooper which comes from Old French cade (barrel, cask) via Latin cadus (bottle, jar, jug) from Ancient Greek káddos (pail, jar, cask, vessel for water or wine) which may be derived from a Semitic origin. Cade may also have originated as a Medieval English given name, Cada, which comes from a… Continue reading Kade

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Cadrian seems to be a modern English name, either an elaborated form of Cade, which has a variety of meanings and origins such as: being an English surname derived from a metonymic occupational surname for a cooper (someone who made and repaired barrels) which comes from Old French cade (cask, barrel); it could also be from a Medieval English given… Continue reading Cadrian