Azad is a Persian, Indian, and Arabic male name meaning "free" which comes from Persian azad آزاد (free; independent) which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. It's also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Azat (Turkish, Turkmen, Armenian, Tatar, Kazakh)   Female forms: Azadeh (Persian) Azadah (Persian)   Azad- آزاد (Persian)  


Avan is a Persian unisex name, a variant of Aban meaning "water" from Persian âb (water). Aban is also the name of the eighth month of the Persian calendar based on a solar calendar. Avan is also an Indian male name meaning "earth", which would make it a masculine form of Avani. Avan is also a Tamil word …


Aras is a Lithuanian male which comes from the Lithuanian word meaning "eagle". I've also seen Aras listed as being a Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu male name meaning "equal, balanced" which seems to be derived from the name of a river that runs from Turkey to Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. However, according to Armenian tradition, the …


Nasreen is a variant spelling of Nasrin, a Persian female name meaning "wild rose". Origin: Persian Variants: Nasrin (Persian, Bengali) Nesrin (Turkish) Nasrin (Arabic) Nesreen (Arabic) Nasrine (Arabic) Nisrine (Maghrebi Arabic) Nesrine (Maghrebi Arabic) Naisrín (Irish)   Nasrin-نسرین (Persian)  


Sirina is a female given name with various meanings attributed to it such as: it's a variant spelling of Serena meaning "calm, tranquil, serene" from Latin serenus; it could also be a variant of Sirin, also a name of uncertain meaning though it could be an elaborated form of Siri, a short form of Sigrid meaning "victory + beautiful, fair" made …