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Sufyan is an Arabic male name of uncertain meaning though several possible ones have been attached to it. It could mean "light, nimble" or "fast-moving" possibly derived from a Persian source; it could be derived from Arabic ṣafā صَفَا (to be pure, be clear, be serene) or ṣūf صُوف meaning "wool" which comes from the same root word as Sufi, referring… Continue reading Sufyan

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Elaphria is the feminine singular form of Greek word elafrós meaning "light; lighthearted, frivolous", referring to a levity or fickleness of mind. The origin of the word derives from Ancient Greek elaphrós (light, unheavy) via PIE root word *h₁lengʷʰ- (light, not heavy). Elaphria is also the name of a genus of moth. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Elafra (Greek) Elafria… Continue reading Elaphria