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Sun-Hye is a Korean female name with a variety of meanings depending on the hangul used such as: 선 (線) seon "thread, line" 선 (仙) seon "fairy; celestial being; immortal" 선 (善) seon "good, nice" 선 (先) seon "to advance; ahead" 선 (船) seon "ship, vessel"   혜 (慧) hye "bright, intelligent" 혜(蕙) hye "orchid" 혜 (惠) hye "grace" 혜 (暳) hye… Continue reading Sun-Hye

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Rekha is an Indian female name meaning "line, streak, stripe" though it could also be used as a diminutive of Bhanurekha made up of bhanu (ray of light, light) and rekha (line). Origin: Sanskrit, Proto-Indo-European Rekha- రేఖ (Telugu) Rekha- रेखा (Hindi)