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Hammett comes from an English surname which seems to be combined of Norman personal name Hamo/Hamon (the Norman form of Germanic haim meaning "home") with the diminutive suffix coupled with the French diminutive -ette from French petite “small, little”, meaning “son of Hamo/Hamon”. The prefix ham- could also be from Anglo-Saxon ham referring to the flat wetlands, referring to someone who lived… Continue reading Hammett

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Vaughn is a variant spelling of Vaughan, a Welsh surname meaning "small; little". It comes from Welsh fychan, a mutation of bychan which itself is a diminutive of bach (small, little). It could have originated as a nickname for a man of small stature or to distinguish between two men with the same name. Origin: Welsh Variants: Vaughan (Welsh)  

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Paige comes from an English surname, a variant spelling of Page meaning "servant, page" via Old French page possibly via Italian paggio (page; pageboy) from Latin pagius (servant) which derives from Ancient Greek paidíon (little child, young child) made up from paîs (child) with the diminutive suffix -ion. Though Paige is overwhelmingly used as a female name, it has occasionally been used… Continue reading Paige

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Torcan is an anglicized form of Torcán, an Irish male name made up from Old Irish torcc "boar" via Proto-Celtic *torkos (boar) with the diminutive suffix -an, essentially meaning "little boar" or "young boar". Torcan is also a Turkish male name possibly meaning "shy, bashful, coy, reserved". Torcan is also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Proto-Celtic, Turkish Variants: Torcán… Continue reading Torcan