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Mercer comes from an English and Scottish surname, an occupational name for someone who was a merchant. it comes from Anglo-Norman mercer (merchant, trader) which comes from Latin merx (merchandise, commodity; goods) which could be derived from Proto-Italic *merk- via a Etruscan source referring to various aspects of economics; or it could be derived from PIE *merĝ- (boundary, border). Origin: Etruscan, Proto-Indo-European… Continue reading Mercer

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Mercedes is a Spanish female name meaning "mercies" which comes from the Spanish title María de las Mercedes (Mary of Mercies). It's the plural form of Mercy, a virtue name referring to someone who is compassionate, forgiving, and kind towards another person. It derives from Latin mercēs meaning “pay, wages, reward” via merx (merchandise, commodity; goods) which could be derived from Proto-Italic *merk- via a… Continue reading Mercedes

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Mercury is the Roman god of trade, commerce, merchants, travelers, and is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hermes. It's also the name of a planet and a metallic chemical element with the symbol Hg (also known as quicksilver). The name derives from Latin mercari meaning “to trade” from merx (merchandise, commodity; goods), which could be derived from Proto-Italic *merk- via a Etruscan… Continue reading Mercury

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Mercutio was the name of a character in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (1597), portrayed as the close friend of Romeo who was neither Montague nor Capulet. He is portrayed as being given to sudden outbursts and a moody temperament, hence his name, related to the word mercurial, referring to someone with a changeable, fickle, or spirited nature. It derives from Mercury,… Continue reading Mercutio