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Klement is the Czech and Slovak form of Late Latin Clemens meaning "merciful, lenient, gentle" which derives from a PIE root word. Klement is also a German surname originating from the given name. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Klemens (German, Danish, Swedish, Polish) Clement (English) Clemens (Late Roman, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish) Kliment (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Ukrainian) Klemen… Continue reading Klement

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Clemency is the feminine form of Clement meaning "merciful, gentle", deriving from Latin clemens (merciful, lenient, mild, gentle). Origin: Latin Variants: Clemence (English) Clémence (French) Clémentine (French) Clementine (English) Clementina (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Late Roman) Clementia (Late Roman) Klementina (Slovene, Croatian) Klementyna (Polish) Klimentina (Macedonian) Clementa (Romanian, Spanish, Dutch, English)   Male forms: Clement (English) Klement (Czech, Slovak)… Continue reading Clemency