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Sibella is a variant form of Sibyl meaning "sybil" which originally referred to female oracles or prophetesses who were sent visions by the gods in Greek and Roman legend. The name comes from Ancient Greek sibulla. Origin: Ancient Greek Variants: Sibyl (English) Sybil (English) Sybella (English) Cybill (English) Cybil (English) Sibylle (French, German) Sybille (French, German) Sibylla (Greek,… Continue reading Sibella

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Phineas, Phineus

Phineas is a male name of uncertain meaning and etymology. It's been linked to Hebrew meaning "serpent's mouth" or "oracle", as well as Ancient Egyptian meaning "the Nubian". Spelled Phineus, it's a Greek name borne by several figures in Greek mythology. The most notable bearer is a king of Thrace who features in the Argonautica, a… Continue reading Phineas, Phineus