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Alara is a unisex name with several possible etymologies: it's a Turkish female name, or at least it appears in Turkic mythology as a water fairy who is able to grant wishes as well as the name of a historic castle located in southern Turkey, built under the Byzantine Empire. I couldn't find a meaning… Continue reading Alara

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Ada is a female given name, a short form of names beginning with Germanic element adal meaning "noble" such as Adelaide (meaning "noble kind"). Ada could also be variant spelling of Adah which is a Hebrew female name meaning "ornament". Ada is also a Turkish word and female name meaning "island". Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew, Proto-Turkic Variants: Adah (Hebrew, English)  … Continue reading Ada

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Adiana is a female given name of uncertain origin and meaning. It's possible that it's a variant of Diana, the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt, moon, forests, and childbirth. Though the name is of uncertain origin and meaning, it’s been linked to the PIE *deywós (god), a derivative of root *dyew- (bright; sky, heaven). Adiana could also be an… Continue reading Adiana