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Antony is a variant of Anthony which comes from Latin Antonius, an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain meaning. Though there's a very good possibility that it derives from Etruscan roots, several possible Greek and Latin meanings have been attributed to it though it's possible that they are attempts at Greek and Latin loanwords, such as Greek possibly meaning… Continue reading Antony

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Antonio is the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of Anthony, the English form of Antonius, a Roman family name of uncertain meaning though it could possibly be Etruscan in origin. However, there have been other possible meanings attributed to it such as: it could also possibly have Greek roots, possibly meaning "priceless one"; it could be derived from… Continue reading Antonio

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Toni is often used as a short form of Antonia or Antoinette, the feminine form of Antonius, an Ancient Roman family name of uncertain origin and meaning which seems to be derived from an Etruscan origin. I've seen some sources cite it as possibly having  Greek roots, possibly meaning "priceless one" or it could be derived from Latin antius meaning… Continue reading Toni