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Prudence is a female given name, the medieval English form of Prudentia, the feminine form of Prudentius, a Late Roman name which comes from Latin prudens meaning "wise, prudent", a contracted form of providere (to see ahead, to forsee, provide) derived from a PIE root word. As an English word it refers to someone who shows good judgment or someone who… Continue reading Prudence

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Hakim is an Arabic male name and title meaning "wise", "prudence", "sage" as an adjective and "sage",  "physician", "scholar", "philosopher" as a noun. Hakim is also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Arabic Variants: Hakeem (Arabic)   Hakim- حكيم (Arabic)  

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Prudent is the French masculine form of Prudentius, a Late Latin name derived from Latin providere meaning "to see ahead, to forsee, provide" derived from a PIE root word. As an English word it refers to someone who shows good judgment or someone who is wise or discreet, and has good sense. Nicknames: Prue/Pru Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Prudentius… Continue reading Prudent

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Shinji is a Japanese male name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used such as: shin 真 "true; reality; genuine" + ji 二 "two"; shin 信 "truth; trust; faith" + ji 二 "two"; shin 信 "truth; trust; faith" + ji 治 "reign; govern; administrate; regulate" ( 信治); shin 真 "true; reality; genuine" + ji 治 "reign; govern; administrate; regulate" (真治); shin 伸 "lengthen; increase; expand" + ji 志 "purpose; will; resolve; determination" (伸志); shin 伸 "lengthen;… Continue reading Shinji

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Sophronia is the feminine form of Sophronius, the Latinized form of Ancient Greek Sophronios meaning "self-controlled, sensible, prudent" from Greek sophron (sane, moderate, prudent) from sôs (safe, sound, whole) combined with phrḗn (heart, mind) from PIE *bhren (soul, mind). Nicknames: Frona/Phrona, Sophy, Roni/Ronnie, Ro Origin: Ancient Greek, Proto-Indo-European Variants: Sophrona   Male forms: Sophronius (Latinized Ancient Greek) Sophronios (Ancient Greek) Sophron (Ancient Greek)