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Quilla is the strictly feminine fom of Quill, referring to a quill pen made out of a feather's bird, or referring to a spindle or bobbin used in yarn, meaning "fragment of reed" and "shaft of a feather" which may be derived from Low German quiele from Middle High German kil (quill, large feather) though the origin behind that… Continue reading Quilla

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Qadira is the feminine form of Qadir, an Arabic male name meaning "powerful, capable". Origin: Arabic Variants : Qadera Kadira Ghadera Ghadira Kadeera Qadeera   Male forms: Qadir Qader Kadir (Turkish) Kader Ghader Ghadir Kadeer Qadeer  

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Quincy comes from a surname derived from a place name in France called Cuinchy, which comes from the given name Quintus which means "fifth" in Latin, either given to a fifth-born child or someone born in the fifth month. Origin: Latin Variants: Quincey (English) Quincie (English) Quintus (Ancient Roman)   Female forms: Quinta (Ancient Roman)  

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Quintessa seems to be a variant form of Quintessence, originating from Latin quintus (five, fifth) and essentia (being, essence) meaning "fifth essence" or "fifth being". In medieval philosophy, quintessence was used to refer to the fifth element after air, water, earth, and fire, also known as aether in Greek. It's also used as a word to refer to something that… Continue reading Quintessa