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Emile is the anglicized form of French Émile which comes from Ancient Roman name Aemilius. Though the origin of the name is uncertain, it has often been associated with Latin aemulusmeaning “rival; rivaling, striving” via Proto-Italic *aimos (imitation) derived from a PIE root word. Emile is also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Émile (French) Aemilius (Ancient… Continue reading Emile

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Emi is a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: e 恵 "favor; blessing, grace; kindness" + mi 美 "beauty; beautiful" (恵美); e 絵 "picture; drawing; painting; sketch" + mi 美 "beauty; beautiful" (絵美); e 映 "reflect; reflection" + mi 見 "to see; look at" (映見); e 江 "creek; inlet; bay" + mi 美 "beauty; beautiful" (江美); e 恵 "favor; blessing, grace; kindness" + umi 海 "sea, ocean (恵海) There are other… Continue reading Emi

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Emilia is a female given name, a variant of Aemilia, the feminine form of Aemilius, an Ancient Roman name. Though the origin of the name is uncertain, it has often been associated with Latin aemulus meaning "rival; rivaling, striving" via Proto-Italic *aimos (imitation) derived from a PIE root word. Nicknames: Em, Emmy/Emmie, Lia, Mia Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Aemilia (Ancient Roman)… Continue reading Emilia

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Antar (عنتر) is an Arabic male name meaning "brave, courageous" and "bold", though it's also a Persian word meaning "baboon". Antarah is a variant of the name and is the name of a pre-Islamic Arab knight and poet whose father was a respected warrior of the Banu Abs, an ancient Bedouin tribe, and whose mother was a… Continue reading Antar

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Rivalen is the name of the father of Tristan in Arthurian legend (in some versions his father is Meliodas). The origin of the name seems to be a medieval form of Rhiwallon, the Welsh form of Brythonic *Rigovellaunos made up from Proto-Brythonic *riɣ (king) via Proto-Celtic *rīxs (king) derived from a PIE root word; and *vellauno meaning "chief, leader, ruler" so the name essentially means… Continue reading Rivalen