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Cordell comes from an English surname, an occupational name for someone who made rope or string such as ties or ribbons. It means "maker of cord" or "seller of cord", derived from Old French corde (rope; chord) which comes from Latin chorda (cord, string) via Ancient Greek khorde (string made of gut; guts, intestine; string, chord) derived from a… Continue reading Cordell

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Cable comes from an English surname, an occupational name for someone who was a maker of ropes. It comes from Late Latin capulum (lasso rope, halter) which derives from a PIE root word meaning "to grab; to seize". Cable is also a word referring to a strong heavy rope or insulated metal wires made used for electrical… Continue reading Cable

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Sirina is a female given name with various meanings attributed to it such as: it's a variant spelling of Serena meaning "calm, tranquil, serene" from Latin serenus; it could also be a variant of Sirin, also a name of uncertain meaning though it could be an elaborated form of Siri, a short form of Sigrid meaning "victory + beautiful, fair" made… Continue reading Sirina

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Chord comes from a musical term, a combination of three or more musical tones sounding simultaenously, as well as a term used in geometery referring to a straight line between two points on a curve. It comes from Latin chorda via Ancient Greek khordḗ (string of gut; cord, string) from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰer- (bowels). Chord is also a surname, perhaps a variant… Continue reading Chord