Sentry is an English word which refers to a soldier or a guard stationed at a gate or an opening, or even at a camp, who keeps watch to keep unauthorized people from getting in or coming out. The origin of the word is uncertain. It could have risen as a shortened form of sentinel (referring…


Seeley comes from an English surname which comes from Old English sǣliġ meaning “happy, prosperous, fortunate, blessed” via Proto-Germanic *sēlīgaz which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. It originated as a nickname for someone who had a happy or cheerful disposition. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Sealey (English) Seely (English) Seelie (English)  


Shadow is an English word used to refer to a dark figure or image cast on the ground by something that blocks the light, such as a body or an object; it can also be used to refer to something or someplace that is dark and gloomy. The word comes from Old English sceaduwe (shadow; shade)…


Syracuse is the name of several places in the United States, including New York, which was named after the city in Italy, on the island of Sicily. It was originally founded in the 8th century BC as a Corinthian colony. Though the etymology of the name is unclear, it’s possible that it may be derived…


Sevilla is the name of a city in Spain, the capital of Andalusia. It has a long history of colonization of various civilizations, first colonized by the Phoenicians who name dit Spal meaning “valley, plain” in the Phoenician language, from sefela (valley, plain). During Roman rule, the name became Hispalis, than Isbilia when the Moors took over, which eventually…


Shiloh is the name of a place in the Old Testament, the name of an ancient city in Samaria. it could mean “tranquil” or “tranquility”. It also seems to have been used as a messianic title possibly meaning “he whose it is”. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Shilo (English) Shylo (English)  


Saranyu is the name of a Hindu goddess, one of the wives of the sun god Surya. She is a goddess of the clouds. Her name means “quick, fleet, nimble”, the feminine adjective of saraṇyú. Saranyu is also a Thai male name meaning “defender, protector, guardian” via Thai Ṣ̄rạṇyū ศรัณยู. Origin: Sanskrit, Thai Feminine forms: Saranya (Indian, Tamil, Malayalam)  


Shelley comes from an English surname made up of Old English elements scylf (shelf) and lēah (clearing, wood, woodland), essentially meaning “clearing on a shelf” or “clearing on a hillside,  and was originally used as a locational name for someone who lived near a clearing located on the side of a hill or valley. Although it was…


Shelby comes from an English surname, of uncertain origin though possible a variant of Selby, made up from Old Norse selja (willow) and býr (settlement, farm), essentially meaning “settlement by the willow”. It’s also possible that Shelby is made up from Middle English schele “hut” combined with býr (farm, settlement). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Shelbee (English) Shelbie (English) Shellby (English) Selby…


Scout comes from an English word, referring to someone who went out and gathered information. The word comes from Old French escouter (to listen, heed) via Latin auscultāre (to listen) which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Indo-European