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Tai is a Chinese unisex name (as well as a surname also spelled Dai) with a variety of meanings depending on the characters used: tài 太 "very, extreme; excessive; big; highest; elder"; tài 泰 "extreme; greatest; safe, peaceful; big, large; good, excellent;", also used as shortened form of Thailand; Tai can also be used as part of a compound name,… Continue reading Tai

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Artyom is a Russian male name, the Russian form of Artemios, an Ancient Greek male name derived from the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals, Artemis. The name is of uncertain etymology and meaning with some sources citing it as pre-Greek. It could possibly be related to Persian *arte or *arta meaning “great, excellent, holy” or from Greek árktos meaning “bear” since… Continue reading Artyom

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Joshua comes from Hebrew meaning "Yahweh is salvation" and is also a surname originating from the given name. Joshua is a major figure in the Old Testament. Nicknames: Josh Origin: Hebrew Variants: Yehoshua (Hebrew) Yeshua (Hebrew, Aramaic) Yushua (Arabic) Jesus (Hebrew, Biblical) Josu (Basque form of Jesus) Iesous (Biblical Greek) Iesus (Biblical Latin) Iosue (Biblical… Continue reading Joshua

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Amina is an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Amin meaning "truthful, honest, trustworthy" (امين) or "safe, protected" from amn (أمن). Interesting fact: there was a female warrior queen in the northwest of Nigeria named Amina (1533-1610), in a state now known as Zaria (formerly Zazzau). She was a Hausa Muslim warrior and known as a renowned military warrior, expanding… Continue reading Amina

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Artemisia (pr. ar-te-mee-see-ya; Forvo) is an Ancient Greek female name, the feminine form of Artemisios which itself is derived from the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals, Artemis. The name is of uncertain etymology and meaning with some sources citing it as pre-Greek. It could possibly be related to Persian *arte or *arta meaning “great, excellent, holy” or from… Continue reading Artemisia

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Ozanne is a variant spelling of Osanne, the French form of Italian Osanna which comes from Hosanna, a Hebrew female name derived from a Hebrew liturgical word meaning "deliver us" or "save us". Ozanne is the name of a river in France as well as also being a French and English surname originating from Hosanna. Nicknames: Oz Origin: Hebrew… Continue reading Ozanne

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Anna is the Latinate form of Hebrew Channah meaning "favor" or "grace". Anna (also spelled Ana) is also a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: a 亜 "Asia; rank next; come after" + na 奈 "Nara; what?" (亜奈); an 安 "calm, peaceful; safe, secure" + na 南  "south" (安南); an 杏 "apricot" + 奈 "Nara; what?" (杏奈); an 安 "calm, peaceful;… Continue reading Anna

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Elisha is a Hebrew male name meaning "my God is salvation" and is the name of a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Quran. Although it's more commonly used as a male given name, it has had use as a female given name, surging in popularity in the 1980s. I don't… Continue reading Elisha

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Laney originally derived as a nickname for names such as Elaine (which is an Old French form of Helen, the English form of Greek Helene  an Ancient Greek name of uncertain etymology though it’s been linked to Greek helene meaning “torch” or “corposant”, though it might also be linked to selene meaning “moon”). It could also be used as a nickname for any name with… Continue reading Laney