Jinan is an Arabic unisex name meaning “garden” or “paradise”, the plural form of janna(h) (garden; paradise, heaven). Jinan is also the name of the capital of Shandong, a coastal province in the Eastern part of China. It means “south of the Ji (waters), a city known for its 72 artesian springs and eventually converging onto Daming Lake….


Benjamin is the son of Jacob and Rachel in the Bible. His name comes from Hebrew Binyamin meaning “son of the right” or “son of the south” made up from Hebrew ben בֵּן (son) which derives from a Proto-Semitic word; and yamin יָמִין (right (hand), right side; south. Benjamin has also been interpreted as meaning “son of days”, probably referencing the advanced age…


Sutton comes from an English surname, a locational name meaning “south town” or “south settlement” made up from Old English sūþ (south) via Proto-Germanic *sunþrą (south) which ultimately derives from PIE root word *sóh₂w meaning “sun”; and tun (enclosure, settlement) which also derives from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Indo-European  


Destry is an English male given name, the English form of Destrier meaning “warhorse”, referring to the horse of a medieval knight. It comes from Anglo-Norman destrer, destrier meaning “warhorse” via Vulgar Latin *dextrarius (led by the right hand) from Latin dextera (right hand) deriving from PIE *deḱs- “right (opposite left) or essentially south”. The meaning comes from being led on the right side…


Kenna is a Scottish female name, the feminine form of Kenneth, itself the anglicized form of two Gaelic names: Coinneach which derives from Gaelic caoin meaning “handsome, fair, beautiful, kind”; and Cináed meaning “born of fire”. Kenneth is also a surname derived from the given name. Kenna is also a Scottish and Irish surname deriving from the given name, as well…


Desmond comes from Irish surname Deasmhumhain, made up of Gaelic elements deas (south) and mumhain (Munster), meaning “South Munster” referring to someone who was from a place called Desmond, the name of a kingdom that once existed in Ireland. Nicknames: Des/Dez, Desi/Dezi Origin: Gaelic Variants: Desmonde  


Benji is a nickname for Benjamin or its feminine form Benjamina, the English form of Hebrew Binyamin meaning “son of the south” or “son of the right hand” from Hebrew ben (son of) and yamin (right hand, south). Origin: Hebrew Variants: Benjy (English) Benjamin (English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian) Binyamin (Hebrew, Arabic) Benjamín (Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Icelandic) Benjámin (Hungarian) Beniamino (Italian) Benjaminas…