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Bryce is an English male name, a variant spelling of Brice which comes from Latin Bricius which seems to be an anglicized form of a Gaulish name meaning "speckled, mottled" derived from Proto-Celtic *brikkos (speckled). Bryce is also a surname originating from the given name, though as a Welsh surname it could be an anglicized form of ap Rhys meaning "son… Continue reading Bryce

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Braith is a name of uncertain meaning though it may be derived from Welsh brith, braith meaning "speckled, mottled, brindled" derived from Proto-Brythonic *briθ (painted, speckled, variegated) which comes from Proto-Celtic *mrixtos (speckled). Braith is also a surname likely derived from the given name though it may be related to Old Norse breiðr meaning "broad". Origin: Proto-Celtic Variants: Brayth (English)  

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Brittany is the English form of Latin Britannia which comes from the name of a British-Celtic tribe *Pretanni which comes from Proto-Celtic *mrixtos meaning "speckled, mottled, brindled", which the Ancient Romans used to refer to the Picts. It's the name of a region in France. Nicknames: Britt Origin: Proto-Celtic Variants: Brittney (English) Britney (English) Brittani (English) Brittny (English) Britannia (English)… Continue reading Brittany

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Brittanya is a variant spelling of Britannia, the Latin name for the island of Britain and later used to refer to a female personification of Britain. The name was first coined by Ancient Greeks, originally called Prettanike or Brettaniai, which might have originally been used to refer to the Picts, which comes from Proto-Celtic *mrixtos meaning “speckled, mottled, brindled”. Origin: Ancient… Continue reading Brittanya