Uzma is an Arabic female name meaning “supreme, greatest” which comes from Arabic aẓīm أَعْظَم (greater, greatest; supreme) from an Arabic root word (ʿ-ẓ-m) ع ظ م meaning greatness. Origin: Arabic Variants: ‘Uzma (Arabic)   Male forms: Azim (Arabic)   Uzma- عظمى (Arabic)  


Chika is a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings, from Japanese elements chi meaning: 千 (thousand); 智 (knowledge, wisdom); 散 (scatter); 知 (to know, wisdom); and ka meaning: 佳 (beautiful, good, excellent); 花 (flower); 加 (add, addition, increase); 可 (permitted, allowed, licensed); 嘉 (praise, auspicious); 夏 (summer); 賀 (congratulate, greet, celebrate); 香 (fragrance);…