Tamsin is an English female name, a contracted form of Thomasina, the feminine form of Thomas which derives from Aramaic Ta’oma meaning “twin”. Origin: Aramaic Variants: Tamsyn (English) Tamsen (English) Tamsen (English) Tamzin (English) Tamzyn (English) Thomasin (English) Thomasina (English) Thomasyn (English) Thomazin (English) Thomazine (English) Thomasine (English) Thomasia (English) Tomasa (Spanish)   Male forms: Thomas (English, French, German,…


Thalassa is the name of the primordial goddess of the sea in Greek mythology whose name, fittingly, means “sea”, which derives from a pre-Greek substrate language. Origin: Ancient Greek      


Timo is an Ancient Greek female name, the feminine form of Timon which comes from Ancient Greek timao τιμαω meaning “to honor, to esteem”. Timo is also the Finnish, German, and Dutch shortened form of Timothy, the English form of Timotheos, a Greek name meaning “honoring God” or “to honor God”. Timo is also a variant of Thiemo, a variant of Thietmar or Dietmar, a German…


Trendafilka is a Macedonian female name meaning “eglantine, sweet briar” though I’ve also seen it meaning “rose”. Nicknames: Trena (Macedonian) Origin: Macedonian  


Terra is the Latin word for “earth, soil; dry land” and in Roman mythology Terra is the name of a goddess of earth which derives from a PIE root word *ters- (dry), and is also a word in Italian, Galician and Catalan derived from Latin. It’s also possible that Terra is a variant spelling of Tara, (which…


Tori is often used as a nickname for Victoria, the feminine form of Victor meaning “victor, victory” via Latin victor (victor, conqueror) which derives from a PIE root word. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the name of the Roman goddess of victory (the Roman counterpart of Nike). Tori 鳥 is also a Japanese word meaning “bird; chicken”, as well as also being the…


Taurus is the name of a constellation as well as a sign of one of the zodiacs. It comes from Latin taurus meaning “bull” derived from a PIE root word. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Female forms: Taura (English)  


Tabitha is a female given name which comes from Aramaic meaning “gazelle; roe, doe”; in the Bible the name is translated as Dorcas. Nicknames: Tabby, Tibby Origin: Aramaic Variants: Tabatha (English) Tabetha (English) Tabita (Biblical Latin) Tabea (German short form of Tabitha)  


Thekla is a Greek female name, a contracted form of Theokleia, an Ancient Greek female name meaning “glory of God” or “God’s glory” made up from Ancient Greek elements theos (god) and kleos (glory). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Thecla (Latinized Ancient Greek, Dutch) Theokleia (Ancient Greek) Theoclea (Latinized Ancient Greek) Tekla (Hungarian, Georgian) Tecla (Italian, Spanish)