Thorley comes from an English surname meaning “thorn clearing”, made up from Old English elements þorn (thorn) and lēah (woodland; clearing, meadow). It was originally a locational name for someone who lived near a place where thorns grew. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Thornley (English)  


Tafari is an Eastern African name meaning “he who inspires awe” or “one who is respected or feared” in Amharic. It was the name of the last emperor of Ethiopia (known as Haile Selassie I). Tafari is also used as a surname Origin: Amharic  


Tudor is the name of an English royal house as well as the name of a historical era (1485-603), named from the House of Tudor. The name comes from Welsh Tudur which seems to be derived from Proto-Celtic Toutorix meaning “ruler of the people” or “ruler/king of the tribe”, composed of Proto-Celtic elements *toutā (people, tribe) and *rīxs (king); making it…


Tierney comes from an Irish surname, an anglicized from of Ó Tíghearnaigh meaning “descendant of Tighearnach”, the latter derived from Gaelic tighearna meaning “lord” which derives from Proto-Celtic *tigernos (lord, ruler). Origin: Proto-Celtic Variants: Tighearnach (Irish) Tigernach (Irish) Tiarnach (Irish)  


Troilus is the name of one of the sons of King Priam of Troy; according to prophecy, if Troilus reaches adulthood than the city of Troy would not fall. He is ambushed and killed by Achilles, thus seeming to signal the fall of Troy. Troilus is the Latinized form of Ancient Greek Troilos meaning “Trojan”. Troilus features in several Medieval English and…


Thunder refers to the loud, rumbling sound that comes after lightning. It comes from Old English þunor meaning “thunder” which ultimately derives from a PIE root word.  Origin: Proto-Indoo-European  


Thelonius is the Latinized form of Tilo, the German form of Tielo, a Low German diminutive of names beginning with Diet such as Dietrich or Dieter, which derives from Proto-Germanic *þeudō (people, tribe) deriving from a PIE root word. I’ve also seen it listed as possibly being the Latinized form of Germanic Tillman, Till being another form of Tielo along with mann (man), though I don’t know…


Tahan is a Hebrew male name meaning “encampment” from verb hana חנה (to camp down, park) or hanan חנן (to be gracious, merciful). It belongs to two men in the Bible. Tahan is also an Arabic and Jewish (Sephardic) surname derived from Arabic tahhān طحان meaning “miller,” an occupational name for someone who was a miller. Origin: Hebrew, Arabic  


Tyrell comes from an English surname, a variant spelling of Terrell which itself is either derived from Norman French tirel  or tirer meaning “to pull, to drag”, a nickname referring to a stubborn person. It may also be derived from Thorold, an English form of Old Norse Thorvaldr meaning “Thor’s power” or “Thor’s might”, Thor being the Norse god of thunder. Origin: Proto-Indo-European…


Tancred is the Norman form of a Germanic name meaning “thoughtful counsel” or “thoughtful advice”, made up from Proto-Germanic elements *þankaz (thought; consideration) and *rēdaz (counsel, advice). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Tankred (German) Tancredi (Italian) Tancredo (Spanish) Tancrède (French) Thankarat (Ancient Germanic)