Zendaya is an African female name which I’ve seen listed as a variant of Tendai meaning “to give thanks” in the Shona language. Origin: African  


Shakira is an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Shakir, an Arabic male name meaning “thankful, grateful”. Origin: Arabic Variants: Shakeera (Arabic) Shakirah (Arabic)   Male forms: Shakir (Arabic) Shakeer (Arabic)   Shakirah- شاكرة (Arabic)  


Jadin is a variant spelling of Jaden,  and while seemingly a modern American name that has become increasingly popular in the last two decades with the aden suffix (alongside Aiden, Hayden, Caden), it’s possible that it arose as a variant spelling of Jadon, a Hebrew male name of uncertain meaning though I’ve seen it listed as either meaning “thankful” or…