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Rumi is a Japanese female name with a variant of meanings depending on the kanji used: ru 留 "detain; fasten" + mi 美 "beauty; beautiful" (留美); ru 瑠 "lapis lazuli" + mi 美 "beauty; beautiful" (瑠美); ru 流 "current; flow; stream" + mi 水 "water" (流水); ru 屡 "often, frequently" + mi 水 "water" (屡水); ru 屡 "often, frequently" + mi 三 "three" (屡三) There are other meanings depending on the… Continue reading Rumi

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Terumi is a Japanese unisex name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: teru 煕 "shine" + mi 巳 "sign of the Snake", which is a shortened form of hemi 蛇 meaning "snake, serpent"; teru 光 "light, shine, gleam" + mi 美 "beauty, beautiful" (*for girls only); teru 昭 "shining, bright" + mi 三 "three" (*for boys only); teru 照 "illuminate, shine" + mi 己 "self" (*for boys only);… Continue reading Terumi

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Tressa is a female given name, a variant of Theresa, a name of uncertain etymology. It could be derived from Greek theros meaning “summer; harvest, crop; heat” or from Greek therizo meaning “to reap, cut”. It could also possibly be related to Greek ther meaning “wild beast; beast of prey” or Greek thēráō “to hunt”. Tressa is also a Cornish female name which comes… Continue reading Tressa

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Trent comes from an English surname, a locational surname for someone who lived near  any rivers with that name. Though the etymology behind it is uncertain it could be composed of Old English tri (through, across) and sant (travel, road) meaning "across travel" or "across road" though it could also have meant "traveler" or "trepasser" in… Continue reading Trent

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Miko is a Finnish male name, a modern form of Mikko which is the Finnish form of Michael, a Hebrew name meaning "who is like God?", a rhetorical question implying there is no one like God; Miko is also a Slavic short form of the variant forms of Michael. Miko is also a Hungarian, Polish, and Czech surname derived… Continue reading Miko

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Miwa is a Japanese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used: "beauty; beautiful + harmony; Japanese style; peace; soften; Japan" (美和); "beauty; beautiful + wheel; ring; circle; link; hoop; counter for wheels and flowers" (美輪); "beauty; beautiful + ring; circle; link; wheel" (美環); "three + wheel; ring; circle; link; hoop; counter… Continue reading Miwa

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Troy has several possible meanings and etymologies behind it: it comes from a surname derived from a city in Troyes, France, used to describe someone who came from there. The name comes from Latin Tricasses, the name of a Gallic tribe that lived in the area. The first part of the name comes from tri meaning "three" although… Continue reading Troy

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Saeran seems to be a male name possibly of Irish origin maning "noble" although I'm not sure of the accuracy of that. I've also seen it listed as coming from Welsh Saer meaning "carpenter, wright" with the diminutive suffix -an meaning "Saer the younger" or "little Saer". There's a church in Wales called St. Saeran's Church dedicated to Saint… Continue reading Saeran

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Trip comes from a word referring to a journey or a voyage, or it refers to someone who stumbles and falls. It comes from Old French tripper (strike with the feet, tread or skip lightly) which comes from a Germanic source; or it could be from Middle Dutch trippen meaning "to skip, hop, trot, stamp, trample". Tri- is also a Latin… Continue reading Trip