Lena, Lina

Lena originally started out as a short form of names ending in -lena such as Helena (derived from Ancient Greek possibly meaning “torch” or “corposant” though it may also be deirved from Greek selene meaning “moon”), Madgalena (which means “of Magdala” from the name of a village, Magdala deriving from Hebrew migdal meaning “tower”), Abilena (a variant of Abilene, the name of an ancient place in Syria, also known…


Magdalini is the Modern Greek form of Magdalene meaning “of Magdala”, Magdala derived from Hebrew migdal meaning “tower”. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Magdalene (English, German) Magdalena (English, German, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, Occitan, Slovene, Czech, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Finnish) Madelon (Dutch)