Roya is a Persian female name meaning “dream, vision” which comes from Arabic r-ʾ-y 

(ر ء ي), related to seeing with one’s eyes.

Origin: Arabic


  • Röya (Turkish)
  • Rüya (Turkish)


رویا (Persian)




Mahir is an Arabic male name meaning “skilled, adept”, as well as also being a surname derived from the given name. Another spelling of Mahir is Maher, which also happens to be an Irish surname which means “hospitable, kindly”.

Origin: Arabic


  • Maher (Arabic, Irish)


Veda is an Indian female name meaning “knowledge, understanding”, “true knowledge”, “knowledge of ritual” or “sacred knowledge, sacred lore” deriving from Sanskrit vetti (to know, to understand) whic comes from the root word vid (to know) from Proto-Indo-European root word *weyd (to see).

The Vedas are the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism. There are four Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and the Atharvaveda.

Veda also seems to be a Turkish word meaning “farewell, goodbye, parting” from Arabic wada (goodbye, farewell), though I don’t know it it’s ever used as a given name in Turkey.

Origin: Sanskrit, Arabic


वेद (Sanskrit)- Veda

వేద (Telugu)- Veda

ವೇದ (Kannada)- Veda



Zara is a Bulgarian diminutive of Zaharina, the Bulgarian and Macedonian feminine form of Zechariah, a Hebrew masculine name meaning “Yahweh remembers”, though it could also be a variant spelling of Sara meaning “princess, lady, noblewoman”.

Zara is also the English form of Zaïre, a name created by French writer and philosopher Voltaire for his play Zaïre. He may have based it on the Arabic name Zahrah meaning “flower” or “blooming flower” or from Zahara “shine, sparkle”.

Origin: Hebrew, Arabic


  • Sara
  • Zahra
  • Zahara