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Vincenza is the feminine form of Vincenzo, the Italian form of Vincent which is the English form of Vincentius, an Ancient Roman name meaning “conquering” from Latin vincere (to conquer) derived from Proto-Indo-European *weyk-(3) (to fight, conquer; to overcome). Nicknames: Enza Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Vinka (Croatian) Vissenta (Sardinian)   Male forms: Vincenzo (Italian) Vincente (Italian) Vincent (English, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Slovak) Vincentius… Continue reading Vincenza

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Diamanto is a Greek female name meaning "diamond" from Old French diamant which comes from Latin adamas derived from Greek adamas meaning "unconquerable, invincible, untamed" made up from Ancient Greek a- (not) and damao (to tame, subdue) which comes from Proto-Indo-European *demh₂- (to tame, domesticate). Origin: Ancient Greek, Proto-Indo-European Variants: Diamond (English) Diamantina (Greek)  

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Nikita is a Russian male name, the Russian form of Greek Niketas meaning "winner, victor", or from Greek Aniketos meaning "unconquerable". It's also an Indian female name originating from a completely different source, from Sanskrit niketa meaning "house, habitation". Origin: Ancient Greek, Sanskrit Female variants: Niketa (Indian, Marathi, Hindi)   Male variants: Mykyta (Ukrainian) Mikita (Belarusian) Niketas (Ancient Greek) Aniketos (Ancient… Continue reading Nikita