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Bunty originated as a Scottish and English pet-name for a girl. It may have originated from Scottish buntin meaning "plump"; it may also be derived from bunt meaning "to butt", in reference to a lamb that butts with its head. The term bunting (which is also a surname) is used as a term of endearment for a child;… Continue reading Bunty

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Ashraf is an Arabic unisex name meaning "noble, of noble lineage; honored; excellent, eminent" derived from Arabic root word š-r-f ش ر ف  (related to honor, nobility, and height). Ashraf is also a surname originating from the given name. Origin: Arabic Variants: Achraf (Maghrebi Arabic)  

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Aras is a Lithuanian male which comes from the Lithuanian word meaning "eagle". I've also seen Aras listed as being a Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu male name meaning "equal, balanced" which seems to be derived from the name of a river that runs from Turkey to Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. However, according to Armenian tradition, the… Continue reading Aras

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Sabeen is an Arabic female name possibly meaning "follower of another religion". Sabeen is also similar to the name Sabine and could even be a variant spelling of the name. Sabine is the French, German, and Danish form of Sabina, the feminine form of Ancient Roman cognomen Sabinus meaning “Sabine”, referring to a member of an ancient tribe in Italy that was eventually assimilated… Continue reading Sabeen

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Sufyan is an Arabic male name of uncertain meaning though several possible ones have been attached to it. It could mean "light, nimble" or "fast-moving" possibly derived from a Persian source; it could be derived from Arabic ṣafā صَفَا (to be pure, be clear, be serene) or ṣūf صُوف meaning "wool" which comes from the same root word as Sufi, referring… Continue reading Sufyan

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Zahir is an Arabic male name meaning "helper, supporter" from Arabic ظَاهَرَ ẓāhara (to help, to assist, to support) which derives from Arabic root ظ ه ر (ẓ-h-r) (relating to visibility, making clear of understandable; relating to support). However, spelled ظهر (Zaahir) refers to something that is "outward, visible, manifest, to be clear" which derives from the same root word as above;… Continue reading Zahir

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Rani is a female given name, a Persian, Urdu, and Indian name meaning "queen" which comes from Sanskrit rā́jñī राज्ञी (queen, princess) via a Proto-Indo-Iranian source which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. I've also seen Rani listed as being a Hebrew unisex name, either originating as a nickname for Ran, a Hebrew male name meaning "to sing";… Continue reading Rani

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Kiran is an Indian unisex name meaning "dust", "thread", or "ray of light" from Sanskrit kirana (ray of light, beam). It could also be a variant spelling of Kieran, the anglicized form of Irish Ciarán, meaning “black, dark” from Irish Ciar with the diminutive suffix -an, so the name essentially means “little dark one”, likely in reference to someone who had dark hair.… Continue reading Kiran

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Adil is an Arabic male name meaning "fair, honest, just" derived from Arabic 'adala (to act justly). Adil is also an Arabic surname deriving from the given name. Origin: Arabic Variants: Adel (Arabic, Persian)- Adel is also a German masculine name meaning "noble" derived from Germanic element adal (noble) Adeel (Arabic)   Female forms: Adila (Arabic) Adile (Turkish)… Continue reading Adil