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Vijay is an Indian male name, a modern form of Vijaya, a unisex name meaning "victory". In Hindu mythology, Vijaya is the name of a grandson of Indra (the Hindu god of war and the heavens) as well as another name for the goddess Durga. In the Mahabharata, Vijaya is the name of a bow belonging to the great warrior Karna, a… Continue reading Vijay

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Vulcan is the name of the god of fire, metalworking, the forge, and volcanoes in Roman mythology, the son of Juno and Jupiter. According to myth he was born so deformed that his own mother was horrified by him and threw him from Mt. Olympus and into the depths of the ocean, where he was found by the… Continue reading Vulcan

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Verlie could be used as a short form for Beverly, an English surname which originated as a location name meaning “beaver stream”, made up from Old English elements beofor (beaver) and lēac (stream). Beverly was originally used as an male name though it became popular in the early 20th century as a female name. Verlie could also be a short Verla or Verlene,… Continue reading Verlie

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Vox is a Latin word meaning "voice" via Proto-Italic *wōks (voice) derived from PIE root noun *wṓkʷs (voice, speech) from root word *wekʷ- (to speak, to sound out). Vox is also an English surname which arose as a variant form of Fox, the name of the animal; it was likely originally derived as a nickname for someone who was cunning and… Continue reading Vox

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Valko is a Bulgarian male name meaning "wolf" via Bulgarian valk вълк meaning "wolf" which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. Valko is also a surname which seems to be derived from a pet form of Czech and Slovak Valentin via Latin Valens meaning "strong, healthy, vigorous"; or from Hungarian Valér, from Latin valerius meaning "to be strong". It could also… Continue reading Valko

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Vivian comes from the Latin name Vivianus, a Late Roman masculine name meaning "alive, living" derived from a PIE root word. Vivian has been used as both a male and female name. Vivian is also an English and French surname. Origin: Proto-Indo-European   Male forms: Vivien (French) Vivianus (Late Roman) Vyvyan (English, Cornish)   Female forms:… Continue reading Vivian

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Valyant is a variant spelling of Valiant which refers to someone who showed courage and bravery, someone determined and heroic. It comes from Old French vaillant (valiant; brave) via Latin valere (to be strong), deriving from PIE *h₂welh₁- (to rule; strong, powerful). Nicknames: Val Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Valiant (English)  

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Vaughn is a variant spelling of Vaughan, a Welsh surname meaning "small; little". It comes from Welsh fychan, a mutation of bychan which itself is a diminutive of bach (small, little). It could have originated as a nickname for a man of small stature or to distinguish between two men with the same name. Origin: Welsh Variants: Vaughan (Welsh)  

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Vero is a Latin adverb meaning "verily, truly, really, in truth" which comes from Latin Verus meaning "true, real" which derives from PIE root word *weh₁- (true). Vero is also a Finnish word meaning "tax" as well as an Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese word meaning "true; truth". Vero could also be used as a nickname for Veronica and Veronique both meaning… Continue reading Vero

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Vittorio is an Italian male name, the Italian form of Victorius, a Roman family name meaning "victor, victory" which derives from a PIE root word. Vittorio is also an Italian surname originating from the given name. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Vittore (Italian) Victor (English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Swedish, Late Roman) Viktor (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, German, Hungarian,… Continue reading Vittorio