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Liana is the name of a type of long-stemmed wooded vines that grows in the jungle, derived from Middle French lien (to bind) via Latin ligo (to bind) which derives from PIE root word *leyǵ- (to bind, tie). Liana is also derived as a short form of names ending in -liana such as Eliana (a possibly a variant of Aeliana, the feminine form… Continue reading Liana

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Ivy is an English female given name which comes from the word for any of a number of climbing plants with small yellowish flowers. The word comes from Old English ifig via Proto-Germanic *ibahs (ivy) which seems to be derived from a PIE root word. Ivy is also an English surname, a variant spelling of Ivey which seems to have… Continue reading Ivy

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Talia has several meanings depending on the origin: it's a variant transcription of Talya, a Hebrew female name meaning "dew from God"; Talia is also an Aboriginal word meaning "near water" and is the name of a town in Australia; it's also an Aramaic unisex name, a variant of Talya meaning "young lamb", derived from taleh; it's also… Continue reading Talia

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Dalya, Dalia

Dalya is a variant transcription of Dalia, a Hebrew female name meaning "branch", though Dalia is also an Arabic female name meaning "vine". Dalia is the name of the Lithuanian goddess of fate meaning "fate, luck" in Lithuanian from dalis (part, portion, share), as well as being a variant spelling and Spanish form of Dahlia, the name of a flower named… Continue reading Dalya, Dalia

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Leanne is an English feminine name composed of two given names: Lee, from an English surname meaning "clearing", and Anne, the French form of Anna, the Latin form of Hebrew Hannah (or Channah) meaning "favor, grace" Liane could also be a short form of names like Éliane (the French form of Aeliana, the feminine form… Continue reading Leanne