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Delinda is a female given name which seems to be a modern coinage, probably a combination of the prefix De- combined with Linda, originally a short form of Germanic element linde or lindi meaning “soft, tender” or “linden tree, lime tree” though it could also be associated with Germanic lind meaning “serpent, dragon, snake”. It's also possible that it rose up as a shortened… Continue reading Delinda

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Mahala is an English female name. It could be derived from Hebrew Mahalah, a male Hebrew name which is a variant of Mahlah, a unisex name of uncertain meaning though possibly meaning "weak, sick" or "disease" from Hebrew challah חָלָה (to become sick, to be ill). It could also be a variant of Mahalath, a Hebrew female name meaning "lyre" or… Continue reading Mahala

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Rosalind is an English female name made up of Germanic elements hros (horse) and lind (soft, weak, flexible, pliable) essentially meaning "soft horse" or "flexible horse". Rosalind has also been associated with Latin rosa linda meaning "beautiful rose" though there is no connection between the two. Rosalind is the name of a character in Shakespeare's As You Like It… Continue reading Rosalind

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Dalila is a variant form of Delilah which comes from Hebrew meaning "weak, delicate, languishing" from Hebrew dalal (to hang down, to be low). Dalila is also an Arabic female name, the feminine form of Dalil meaning "guide, leader". It's pronounced da-lee-lah or da-lil-ah as well as de-lie-lah. Origin: Hebrew, Arabic Variants: Delilah (Hebrew, English) Delila (German, Dutch, English) Dalilah (English)  

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Delilah is a Hebrew female name meaning "weak, delicate, languishing" which derives from Hebrew dalal (to hang down, to be low). In the Old Testament, Delilah is the lover of Samson whom she betrays to the Philistines by cutting off his hair, the source of his great strength. Nicknames: Del, Lilah/Lila Origin: Hebrew Variants: Delila (German, Dutch, English)… Continue reading Delilah