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Ned is an English male name, originally a diminutive form of Edward (made up of Old English elements ead "wealth, fortune, rich" and weard "guard, guardian") or Edmund (made up of Old English elements ead "wealth, fortune, riches)"and mund "protection"), which may have originated from the expression mine Ed. Origin: Proto-Indo-European    

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Eduardo is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Edward, made up of Old English elements ead (wealth, fortune, rich) and weard (guard, guardian) meaning “rich guardian” or "wealthy guard". Nicknames: Ed, Eddie/Eddy, Lalo (Spanish), Dado, Du, Duda, Dudu, Edu (Portuguese) Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Duarte (Portuguese) Edward (English, Polish) Eadweard (Old English) Eduard (German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Catalan, Dutch, Estonian, Romanian,… Continue reading Eduardo

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Egardo could possibly be a variant form of Edgardo, which is the Spanish and Italian form of Edgar meaning "rich spear" or "wealthy spear". Egardo is also an Ido word derived from French égard meaning "regard, with regard to"; Ido is a constructed language created to be a universal second language for people of different backgrounds to communicate with; based on… Continue reading Egardo

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Soraya is the Persian form of Thurayya, an Arabic female name used to refer to the "Pleiades", a bright cluster of seven stars that are able to be seen with the naked eye. In Greek mythology, the Pleiades are named for the seven daughters of Pleione, a sea-nymph, and the Titan Atlas. Thurayya also means "chandelier" as well as meaning… Continue reading Soraya

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Udo is a German male name, a modern form of Odo, an Ancient Germanic male name which started out as a short form of names beginning with the German element aud meaning “wealth, fortune” via Proto-Germanic *audaz (wealth, riches). I've also seen Udo listed as an Igbo unisex name meaning "peace" and is also the name of a place… Continue reading Udo

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Mira is an Indian female name (also spelled Meera). I've seen several source list it as meaning "sea, ocean" but I've also seen it listed as meaning "prosperous, wealthy, highborn" or "limit, boundary". Mirabai (or Meera Bai) was a 15th century Hindu princess and poetess who was devoted to the Hindu god Krishna; bai seems to be a feminine… Continue reading Mira

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Caifeng is a Chinese female name with a variety of meanings depending on the characters used: cǎi 彩 "color; variegated" + feng 鳳 "phoenix";  cái 財 "fortune; wealth; valuables" + feng 鳳 "phoenix" Spelled Kaifeng 开封 it's the name of a city in Henan, China as well as a few other places. Origin: Chinese  

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Lucretia is an Ancient Roman female name, the feminine form of Lucretius which is of uncertain etymology; it may be derived from Latin lucrum meaning "profit, wealth; gain; advantage" derived from PIE root word *leh₂u- (profit, gain). It's also possible that the name may be derived form a Etruscan source. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Lucrezia (Italian) Lucrèce (French) Lucrecia (Spanish) Lucrècia… Continue reading Lucretia

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Eamon (pr. ay-mon; Forvo) is an Irish male name, a variant form of Éamonn, the Irish form of Edmund meaning "rich protection" or "wealthy protection" from Old  English elements ead (wealth, fortune, riches) and mund (protection), both deriving from a PIE source. Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Éamonn (Irish) Éamon (Irish) Eadmund (Anglo-Saxon) Edmond (French) Edmé (French) Ödön (Hungarian) Edmondo (Italian) Edmao (Limburgish) Edmundo (Portugese Spanish)… Continue reading Eamon

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Ulrich is a German male name, from Old High German Odalric made up from Germanic elements odal (heritage, inheritance) and ric (power) essentially meaning "wealthy, prosperous ruler". Ulrich is also a German surname originating from the given name. Nicknames (Male): Ulli (German), Utz (German), Ueli (Swiss German); (Female): Ulla (German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish) Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Ulrik (Danish,… Continue reading Ulrich