Ula is a diminutive of Urszula, the Polish form of Ursula meaning "little bear", itself a diminutive of ursa meaning "she-bear". It could also be a short form of Ulalume, the name of a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe which seems to have been based on Latin ululare meaning "to wail" or lumen meaning "light". An ula is also a poetic device used … Continue reading Ula



Lalia is a short form of Eulalia, a Greek female name meaning "well-spoken" or "sweetly speaking" from Greek elements eu (good) and laleo (to talk). Origin: Ancient Greek Variants: Eulalia (Ancient Greek, Spanish, Italian, English) Eulalie (French) Eulàlia (Catalan) Eulália (Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak) Olalla (Spanish) Eula (English) Ulalia (English)   Male forms: Eulalius (Ancient Greek)