Weston comes from an English surname via a place name meaning “west town” made up from Old English west (west) and tun (settlement, enclosure). Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Westen (English)  


Zephyr is the anglicized form of Zephyros, the name of the Greek god of the west wind in Greek myth meaning “the west wind”. The etymology behind it is unknown though it could be related from Ancient Greek zophos (darkness, gloom, west). It’s also possible the name may be derived from a pre-Greek origin. Traditionally a male…


Wesley is an English male name derived from a surname via a place name. It means “west meadow” from Old English west (west) and lēah (wood, clearing, meadow). Nicknames: Wes, West, Lee/Lea Origin: Proto-Indo-European Variants: Westley (English) Westleigh (English) Westlea (English) Weslee (English) Westlee (English)  


Tzafrir (pr. za-freer) is the Hebrew form of Zephyr, the English form of Greek Zephyrus,  the name of the Greek god of the west wind and is the gentlest of winds, known as the messanger of spring, which is why the name is associated with a gentle, mild breeze. The etymology of the name may be related to Ancient…


Seiya is a Japanese male name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used. Some meanings I could find are: 世哉 “world, generation”; 星矢 “star, planet, heavenly body + arrow”; 清耶 “clear, distinct, apparent, pure + father”; 正夜 “correct, righteous + night”; 生八 “life, existence, being + eight”; 成也 “to become, to succeed, accomplish + to be, also, too”; 声弥 “voice + extensive, full, complete”; 盛哉 “prosper”; 聖野 “holy, sacred…