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Cosmo is a variant form of Cosimo, the Italian form of Latin Cosmas which comes from Ancient Greek kosmas meaning "order; lawful order, government; world, universe" deriving from a PIE source. It also has a secondary meaning of "to order, to arrange; ornaments, decorations (of a woman's dress)" from which the word cosmetic comes from. Cosmo is also an Italian surname originating… Continue reading Cosmo

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Attila is a male name, its most famous bearer the 5th century leader of the Huns, an ancient Nomadic people across central Europe, and who was feared by the Western and Eastern Roman Empires. Though often depicted as savage, barbaric and merciless, these depictions were made out by his enemies; a closer look by historians… Continue reading Attila

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Emerson comes from an English surname, a patrynomic surname meaning "son of Emery", Emery being the Norman form of Emmerich, a German name. While the second element of the name comes from ric meaning "power, rule" from Proto-Germanic *rīks (king, ruler) from PIE *h₃rḗǵs (king, ruler) via *h₃reǵ- (to straighten; move in a straight line). The first part of the name is a little more complicated. It… Continue reading Emerson

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Emmett comes from an English surname which may have been a diminutive of female given name Emma meaning "whole" or "universal" from germanic element ermen. It may have been used as a matrynomic name denoting someone who was the son of a woman named Emma. I've also seen it listed as possibly being derived from a place name, Emmott, which may… Continue reading Emmett

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America is a unisex given name usually given in honor of the United States of America. It comes from Italian male name Amerigo, the medieval Italian form of Emmerich, a Germanic male name. While the second element of the name comes from ric (power, rule), the first part of the name is a little more complicated. It could be… Continue reading America

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Hermes is the name of the Greek god of commerce and trade, known as the trickster god and the protector of thieves, travelers, and athletes, as well as a messenger of the gods and the god of boundaries. He guided the souls of the dead to the underworld. The son of Zeus and Maia, one… Continue reading Hermes

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Gilda comes from Germanic element gild meaning "sacrifice, value", originally a nickname for Ermenegilda, the Italian feminine form of Ermenegildo, itself the Italian form of Spanish and Portuguese name Hermenegildo which comes from a Visigothic name meaning "complete sacrifice" or "whole sacrifice" from Germanic elements ermen (whole, universal) and gild (sacrifice, value). Gilda could also be from Old English gyldan meaning "to gild, to cover with a thin… Continue reading Gilda

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Aditi is an Indian female name meaning "free, limitless, boundless, entire", "freedom, security" or "have nothing to give" in Sanskrit. Aditi is also the name of the Mother Goddess in Hindu mythology, mother of all the gods and of the whole cosmos, as well as being the Goddess of divine wisdom. Origin: Sanskrit Variants: Adhiti (Indian)… Continue reading Aditi

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Origin: Germanic Meaning: Emma comes from Germanic element ermen meaning "whole" or "universal", originally used as a short form of names that began with it. Em is an obvious nickname for Emma, but it's such a short name to begin with Emma doesn't really need any nicknames. Variants: Emmalyn (a combination of Emma with the lyn suffix) Ema (Spanish,… Continue reading Emma