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Xavier comes from the name of a Basque place name, Etxeberria meaning "the new house" and is also a Portuguese and Catalan surname originating from the given name. Origin: Basque Variants: Zavier (English) Xavior (English) Xzavier (English) Javier (Spanish) Xabier (Basque, Galician) Saveriu (Corsican) Xaver (German) Saverio (Italian) Ksawery (Polish)   Female forms: Xaviera (English) Javiera… Continue reading Xavier

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Xoel (the x is pronouced like a sh sound; Forvo) is the Galician form of Joel, which comes from Hebrew Yo'el meaning "Yahweh is God". Origin: Hebrew Variants: Joel (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish) Yoel (Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew) Yo'el (Hebrew) Ioel (Biblical Greek) Iohel (Biblical Latin) Joël (French, Dutch) Gioele (Italian)  

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Xenon is an Ancient Greek male name meaning "foreigner, guest" from Ancient Greek xenos (foreigner; stranger, guest) which seems likely to be derived from a Pre-Greek origin. Xenon is also the name of a chemical element. Origin: Ancient Greek Female forms: Xeno (Ancient Greek) Xena (English) Xenia (Greek, Ancient Greek) Zena (English) Zeena (English) Zenia (English… Continue reading Xenon

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Xylander seems to have originated as a surname made up of Greek elements xylon (wood, forest) and andros (man) meaning "wood man" or "man of the forest". It was the surname of Wilhelm Holtzman (a German classic scholar in the 16th century) who changed his last name to Xylander which translates into the same meaning as Holtzman, though whether he… Continue reading Xylander