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Zaire is the former name of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The name comes from the Congo river, derived from the Kongo word nzere o nzadi meaning "river swallowing rivers"; Zaire is the Portuguese adaption of the name. Spelled Zaïre, it's a French female name, created by French writer and philosopher Voltaire for his play, also called Zaïre (1732), who… Continue reading Zaire

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Zevadiah is a variant spelling of Zevadyah, a Hebrew male name which seems to be a variant of Zebediah meaning "Yahweh has bestowed" or "gift of Yahweh". Nicknames: Zev Origin: Hebrew Variants: Zevadyah (Biblical Hebrew) Zebadiah (Hebrew) Zebedee (Biblical Greek) Zébédée (French) Zebedaios (Biblical Greek)    

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Zalman is a Yiddish male name, the Yiddish form of Solomon meaning “peace” from Hebrew shalóm (peace) derived from Proto-Semitic *šalām- (peace, well-being, welfare). Origin: Proto-Semitic Variants: Solomon (Hebrew, English) Soloman (English) Sulayman (Arabic) Sulaiman (Arabic, Indonesian, Malay) Shelomoh (Biblical Hebrew) Salomo (Dutch, German) Salomon (French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Biblical French, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek) Salomone (Biblical Italian) Süleyman (Turkish)… Continue reading Zalman

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Zaqar is the name of the Mesopotamian god of dreams and the messenger of the god Sin (the god of the moon) who brought messages from him to mortal through their dreams. The name comes from Akkadian zakāru meaning "to speak", "to name", and "to swear". Origin: Akkadian Variants: Dzakar Zakar (also a Hebrew word meaning "to… Continue reading Zaqar