Zalman is a Yiddish male name, the Yiddish form of Solomon meaning “peace” from Hebrew shalóm (peace) derived from Proto-Semitic *šalām- (peace, well-being, welfare). Origin: Proto-Semitic Variants: Solomon (Hebrew, English) Soloman (English) Sulayman (Arabic) Sulaiman (Arabic, Indonesian, Malay) Shelomoh (Biblical Hebrew) Salomo (Dutch, German) Salomon (French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Biblical French, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek) Salomone (Biblical Italian) Süleyman (Turkish)…


Zoltán is a Hungarian male name which seems to be derived from the Turkish title sultan, a title of authority. It means “power, might; authority, rule” which seems to have derived from an Aramaic source. Origin: Aramaic   Variants: Zoltan (English) Zsolt (Hungarian)  


Zerach is a Hebrew male name, a variant form of Zerah meaning “dawning, shining (light)”. It’s the name of several figures in the Bible, including the twin brother of Perez. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Zerah (Hebrew) Zarah (Biblical form of Zerah)  


Zaqar is the name of the Mesopotamian god of dreams and the messenger of the god Sin (the god of the moon) who brought messages from him to mortal through their dreams. The name comes from Akkadian zakāru meaning “to speak”, “to name”, and “to swear”. Origin: Akkadian Variants: Dzakar Zakar (also a Hebrew word meaning “to…


Zephaniah comes from a Hebrew male name meaning “Yahweh has hidden” or “Yahweh has concealed”. It’s also a surname originating from the given name. Nicknames: Zeph Origin: Hebrew Variants: Tzefanyah (Biblical Hebrew) Zephania (South African)  


Zayd is an Arabic male name meaning “to increase, to grow, to multiply”. Origin: Arabic Variants: Zaid   Female forms: Zayda (Arabic) Zaida (Arabic)   Zayd- زيد (Arabic)  


Zahir is an Arabic male name meaning “helper, supporter” from Arabic ظَاهَرَ ẓāhara (to help, to assist, to support) which derives from Arabic root ظ ه ر (ẓ-h-r) (relating to visibility, making clear of understandable; relating to support). However, spelled ظهر (Zaahir) refers to something that is “outward, visible, manifest, to be clear” which derives from the same root word as above;…


Zephyr is the anglicized form of Zephyros, the name of the Greek god of the west wind in Greek myth meaning “the west wind”. The etymology behind it is unknown though it could be related from Ancient Greek zophos (darkness, gloom, west). It’s also possible the name may be derived from a pre-Greek origin. Traditionally a male…


Zev is a Hebrew male name, a variant transcription of Zeev meaning “wolf”. Origin: Hebrew Variants: Zeev (Hebrew) Ze’ev (Hebrew)